About Vivid

Vivid will work with clients to implement go-to-market processes, applying scientific approaches to all commercial research and development, and support the development of strategically disruptive companies, brands, and products.

Vivid Integrated Solutions maintains a network of subject matter experts across cultivation, quality assurance, and other key areas relevant to the cannabis industry. Based on a client’s needs, different experts will be utilized.

Since day one, Vivid has operated from a set of core principles we established before launch. These principles are what drive us daily:

Our Mission

To improve, accelerate and transform the operational proficiency and financial maturity of Cannabis & Hemp operations in all phases of growth or distress.  We are Growing market dominance through each new partnership.

Founding Partner

Shelly is a proven and reliable expert in driving superior business performance, productivity and profitability for complex businesses struggling to profitably scale or sale.

She has a decade of direct experience in cannabis and hemp and is committed to advancing the overall stability and maturity of the industry by institutionalizing and applying best-in-class CPG disciplines, analytic rigor, and proven engineered standards to the ever-evolving landscape.
Shelly Tallabas​
Chief Executive Officer

We do HARD work the RIGHT way

Quality and safety is our DNA

We are NOT one size fits all.

We are committed to driving results

We're Here To Accelerate the financial & operational
maturity of your business.