Product Development

Vivid Experts are The Industry Leaders

Vivid will work with clients to implement go-to-market processes, applying scientific approaches to all commercial research and development, and support the development of strategically disruptive companies, brands, and products.

Disciplined Product Development

  • Implementation of a stage gate commercialization process with proper stakeholder involvement

  • Product development timelines from Preparation to Launch with a focus on cross-functional efforts

  • Proper critical path identification and monitoring

Scientific Approach to Development

  • Engineered solutions to launch new products and processes into production

  • Revolutionizing the industry by implementing state-of-the-art extraction solutions to meet specific market demands

Disrupting the Market

  • Data-driven approach at building brands and products to ensure they are relevant to consumers

  • Using similar market behavior from other industries such as food/beverage, pharma, etc

Vivid Core Services

Supply Chain Management

Vivids supply chain experts can help optimize and streamline your supply chain.

Quality Management

Quality and safety is in our DNA. Vivids Quality Experts will work with your organization to establish unity, purpose, and direction.

Product Development

Meet consumer expectations and business demands with Vivids disciplined product development strategies.

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